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kineframe is dedicated to giving shape and life to your designs, ideas and concepts. we achieve all this through animations and 3d renderings, where passion and attention to detail are the main ingredients. the main objective is to complement your project with photorealistic images and videos, showing your projects from the best angles. putting these visuals in motion opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of marketing, through videos tailored to your objectives.

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cristian munteanu founder

versatility and precision stand out as pivotal attributes i acquired during my education as an architect and engineer. my insatiable curiosity spans a diverse range of subjects, from physics and technology to art and astronomy. the fascination with unraveling the "whys" and "hows" of things has been a constant since my childhood.

having lived in different cities across three countries—spain, italy, and romania—provided me with the opportunity to immerse myself in the cultures and languages of these places. currently I live in valencia, spain and here I've chosen to transition into freelancing after dedicating numerous years to working in international architecture and visualization firms as a 3d artist. feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

curious and creative, erika is passionate about architecture, photography and cinema and she loves to combine them together when working on cgi projects. she graduated in architecture & building engineering in italy, and shortly after specialized in digital architecture at iuav venice.

she is fascinated by the use of light in street photography and when she is not behind the screen experimenting with some new tool or searching for new inspiration she is most likely somewhere with her camera taking pictures around the world.

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