kineframe brings together years of experience in architectural visualization, working from interior design projects, with minute details, to large-scale urban planning projects. from these experiences emerges the ability to understand the needs of various figures in the field of design, such as developers, architects, interior designers, manufacturers, among others.

the starting point of the projects can be different: a sketch, a plan, a 3d model, even a simple conversation. regarding the main objective, it will always be the same: add value to the project in the form of images or video animation, thus providing more marketing possibilities.


1. it all starts with the first contact, which can be through a call or email. including a brief description of your project will make communication easier.

2. after receiving your request, i will review it and get back to you by email or phone call within 1 hour. this second contact aims to specify and refine the strategy before preparing a formal quote.

3. once the initial correspondence is complete, i will provide you with a formal quote. once approved, it will ensure my availability for the necessary time.

4. we are ready to start. my ultimate goal is to provide you with stunning images and videos that you can use in your marketing and communication strategy, thus adding value to your project

5. to ensure a smooth workflow, you are expected to provide all pre-agreed material such as cad files, 3d models and all relevant information. this will make it easier to create images and animations with as much detail as possible.

6. once i have received all the information, i will start building the 3d model. within 2 to 3 days, you will receive a proposal for low-resolution images and videos (depending on the needs of the project). in this phase, you will select the angles to use and can indicate any necessary changes or improvements.

7. after communicating the selected angles along with the comments, i will proceed to add details. you will receive a second, more detailed version in low resolution, which will include a first post-production phase. you may make additional changes at this stage as necessary.

8. after receiving the communicated changes, i will proceed to render the images and animations at their final resolution, thus ending the post-production phase. once this stage is completed, i will deliver the images and videos in their agreed resolution.

9. once a project is complete, we welcome a brief call to evaluate your experience and obtain feedback that will allow us to improve for future projects.

moving images

01.  3d animation.

02.  virtual tours.

03.  virtual reality experiences.

static images 

01.  architectural visualization.

02.  interior design.

03.  product presentation.

3d animation

3d animation provides the opportunity to experience space in a way that is complementary to static images, introducing time and movement to achieve a cinematic approach. represents the most convincing way to impress your clients.

the process will follow meticulous steps, from creating the script to selecting the best scenes to tell the story of your project. it will culminate in a final product that incorporates motion graphics and music.

if you consider that your project deserves more than simple static images, 3d animation is the best way to complement them.

exterior render autumn back studio okami beli house

static images

static images, commonly known as renders, are the perfect tool to communicate with the client. these allow your client to visualize the project before its construction, giving them the ability to imagine themselves in that space.

it is not simply a matter of transferring the drawings to three dimensions; is to take care of your project with all our attention and dedication to create images with personality, capable of making your clients fall in love.

you can consolidate the quality of your work by having images that evoke the emotions and atmospheres your project wants to convey. we will achieve this through fluid and effective communication that will guarantee the best results for your project.

virtual tour

another powerful tool to enhance the marketing campaign of your projects are 360 images. these offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the space and perceive its real dimensions in an interactive and immersive way, allowing your client to explore the environment from various angles and perspectives.